Dumb for Dumb Dumb


So, like I told you on the last post, there is a song that I have been stuck on my mind… for some time by now actually. And for my surprise is “Dumb Dumb” by Red Velvet.
I have never been much of a fan of Red velvet (I can feel the haters cursing me) but its nothing to do with the group itself. It´s just hard for me to actually find a Kpop girl group that i like, I do have a few, but I will tell you about them some other time.
Now I want to talk about this song, it is actually good, its very upbeat and happy with a catchy lyrics, and some little twits that make it different from the other thousand songs that are out there. I totally recommend it, to at least give it a try. I guarantee you that while listening your mood improves 80% because you really lose yourself on the fun of the song.
The video is quite good actually, its nice to watch, no so weird like some of their past videos and I love the way they played with the colors; the outfits for the girls are really cute and I would love to steal some of them for myself.

I haven´t heard the full album, that was released on september 9, but I will. And I have a feeling that I will actually like it. Who knows, I may surprise myself and become a Red Velvet fan, could this be possible?


Me & NO Rhythm

Hi there, so today I was gonna write about Selena Gomez new song, but after listening to it a couple of times, I still have no idea on what to write. For some reason it reminds me a song you could listen to in a fashion ad or maybe in a cosmetic department store, you know what I mean ? I don´t even know if that’s good or bad.


Before the haters out there start commenting mean things, I must say I love Selena Gomez since she was on Barney and I like her songs. Now like a fan I do admit she doesn’t have the best vocals out there, but you can let that go because her music is good and she has a sweet personality that makes it impossible to hate her.
But this song is kind of plain and blah, this is just my opinion so dont kill me, if you like it thats ok. I have heard it 14 times by now, no lie, I did my best to try and find something but ….not.

The music is lifeless and it kinda makes me sleepy, the lyrics is boring it has no interesting message. And if you say that some song dont need strong lyrics to be good, like one of her last songs “I want You to Know” with Zedd. I could agree with you, but “Me & The Rhythm” which is the name of her new song it is sang in very anesthetic way, and is so……arg!! thats the only word I have to describe it, specially because I Know she could do better.

Im sorry to be so negative about it but I dont know what else to say, after hearing so many times the song it didn’t cause any register on my mind. Right now, I can´t even remember the rhythm (no pun intended) and is especially hard to recall anything because I had another song stuck in my mind (I will make a review of this song later).

Any way, I still wish the best to Selena and I´m sure her songs will do very good on the charts. This new type of songs may be a new direction she is taking and it’s totally fine, but I guess my likes don´t go with it, I still support her 100%
Well like always I want to know what you think, about the post and the new song of Selena, remember we all have right to an opinion and to speak our mind but with respect.

Love to all , see ya !


To all the believers out there; and no, I don´t mean Justin Bieber’s fans

I was three years when the first episodes of this serie were aired and if you think I would sat in front the TV to hear a man ramble about aliens and government conspiracy, you are incredible wrong! I was a kid for god´s sake! the closest I was to aliens was watching Sesame street.

So going back to my history, I was six years when a friend of my mother told her that she had a similar look to a actress in one of the series she watched; and now you’re right, she was referring to Scully. So my mom out of curiosity started to watch the show, and she discovered a very handsome man that made her stick to it for years to come. So during my many tantrums in which I used to go and bother my mom I watched glimpses of what it seem a very interesting and strange grown up tv show. I didn’t pay much attention to it and I didn’t have any idea of the big part it would be in some point fo my life.

As it happens with all human been, I grew old, I was about nine and my mom still was a fervent follower of Mulder and Scully journey. And if you are thinking, well… nine is not much bigger than six, I’m sure you weren’t interested on the show yet. You are wrong once again. By the age of nine my entire life was left up side down (there is a story behind that I may share with you in some other time, if interested say it on the comments). All you need to know is that now I was older, wiser and weirder than ever before.
And of course, I had joined to this cult in the search of the truth, I was a fan of The X-Files.

I followed the story through all those years right to the very end. Completely obsessed with not only the serie but with aliens and conspiracy theories as well. I use to look into the skies looking for something more, something that close minded people would miss and like every good fan I had a replica of the well known “I want to believe” poster on the back of my door.
I was about 12 when the end of the show came, it was sad and left a void inside me that i thought I was never gonna be able to fill.

In time I grew up, I left that phase of my life behind, but I still like to remember it with love. After all, it helped me to get over many hardships on my life and gave the break of reality I needed back then.
I still watch the episodes once in a while, I have my favorites of course (if you want to know which one you may ask ;D )

And now a reboot will air, I can not express how excited I was when I heard it. It didnt take me a second to go tell my mom, she though happy was lacking somehow in enthusiasm. Maybe because for her was just some other TV show, a good one, but nothing more. Certainly wasn’t the thing that helped her go thru every day for years.
I write this with no particular reason but to express my anticipation on the new episodes and to just leave it out there on space, maybe as a thank you to writers, actors and directors of this show, loved for so many.

Here I leave the New Trailer The X-Files, for the six-episode event series that will debut on Jan. 24, 2016.

I say goodbye for now, see you on the next post, trust no one.

The best Lip Sync ever!!!!

We all know that lately lip sync battles are on fire everywhere and I love watching celebrities having a laugh on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon doing the lip sync thing. So I just wanted to share with you guys some of my FAV battles:

Lip Sync Battle with Emma Stone; this is just epic, you must watch it. I love her, I think she is an awesome actress and this just adds to the great person that she is. This is without doubt my number one favorite.

Lip Sync Battle with Lena Dunham; may not be the best lip sync out there but sweet Lena definitely puts out a show.

Lip Sync Battle with Ellen DeGeneres; big laugh, watch it with caution it may cause some face soreness.

What do you think of this Lip Sync? do you have any fav one? have you done any lip sync with your friends? I wanna know your opinion so leave your comment below, see you on the next post !

Big Kiss.

Black Sugar Scrub

Exfoliation makes a healthy and happy skin!!
To keep your skin clean, radiant and free from all the toxicity of the world is necessary to have a skin care routine, especially if you live in the middle of a big city with all the smug and weird things that fly around you. In this post youll find the benefits of exfoliation and a DIY for an awesom scrub.

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“Till it happens to you”

Lady GaGa strikes again…

In a time when the music industry is charge with semi naked women moving their butt in a way to claim their female right and proclaiming girl power, the ability to make a simple lyrics in a calming clean melody to bring up so much discussion about a real and transcendental matter like is Rape, could only be attributed to the Mother Monster itself, Lady GaGa.

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